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Can Bingo Find You Love

Online bingo has fast become one of the most popular past times of the British public. Many have said how this is stopping us interacting with fellow humans and forming new friendships. However, this does not seem to be the case.

With the invention of the online chat system whilst playing bingo, people are socialising as well as playing. To start off with the bingo sites did not have this system and therefore were perhaps quite a lonely way to play this generally quite sociable game. You would log on, play your game with the computer and log off. Hardly a social whirl.

However, the online game has evolved and is far more than just the game. The chatting system means you can interact with fellow players who obviously share a similar interest in bingo as you. This can lead to cyber friendships, or even face-to-face friendships. But the most exciting thing is that it has been known to lead to is love.

A few people have come forward with their stories of how they found their partner whilst playing bingo. As in any social situation you chat and learn about people and if this leads to finding Mr. Right then what a bonus!

The bingo sites should monopolize on this unique dating system. They need to encourage more men to play the game, as statistics show that women are the majority of members. Once more men are playing then there will be an even spread and more opportunities for romances to blossom. How exciting and modern! Bingo leading to love is perhaps a stupid idea, but it has worked for some, so why canít it work for the rest of us?

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